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Did Ya Think I Didn't Know

from TOP​-​20 by Dallas Doctor



Hey! Just because your heart is irretrievably shattered doesn’t mean ya gotta be all sad about it … … This little ditty goes out to everyone who's ever had the exquisitely excruciating experience of looking in from the outside, ... while the person you desire most in the world falls in love with somebody else ... (… not that that's ever happened to me ...) ... ;-)

What I’m trying to do here is to answer that timeless question: "What if Leonard Cohen wrote a song specifically for Freddie & The Dreamers? And what if the song was about the world’s best-selling novel - A Tale of Two Cities?"

If you listen with headphones, the guitar you hear on the left is my ridiculously expensive and wonderful Martin D-18. The guitar on the right is the Yamaha that Maggie gave me for my birthday. I started the recording with my new Hammond organ, because I love it, and because I had no other options, I played the bass lines with a Squire P-bass that I bought for $89 at Bone Island Music. I also played the piano and an ARP String Ensemble.

The incredibly-incomparably-inimitable Jon Mark Lundell played the drums and sang harmony back-up on the “Didjya-Think-I”s and he mastered this puppy like the consummate professional he is. (Thank-You JML!)

The rest is all me. I guess I was channeling my inner Sydney Carton.

(Yes kids, I have shamelessly and pathetically reduced a great Dickens classic down to just the love story — NO — NOT THAT ONE — (not the one between Lucie and Charles) — the much, MUCH more interesting one — this song is about the unrequited way Sydney loved Lucie — you know, the not reciprocated or understood way. The love that Nietzsche famously said was: "indispensable...to the lover...which he would at no price relinquish for a state of indifference.”)

They say to write what you know.

But they never said you had to be sad about it. :-)


Did You Think I Didn't Know
Music & Lyrics by Dallas Doctor
© 2016 Wild Moose Music (BMI)

Did You Think I Didn't Know
He'd be calling?
Did You Think I Didn't Know
The day would come, he'd stop and stare?
Did You Think I Didn't Know
You'd be waiting?
Or did you think I didn't care?

When you kissed him, ... (Did You Think I didn't ..)
Soft and slow, ... (Did You Think I didn't ..)
When you missed him,
Did You Think I Didn't Know?
When you let him, ... (Did You Think Ididn't ..)
Touch you there, ... (Did You Think I didn't ..)
When you met him,
Did you think I didn't care?

Did You Think I Didn't Know
You were searchin'?
Did You Think I Didn't Know
That I never had a prayer?
Did You Think I Didn't Know
How much you wanted?
Or did you think I didn't care?

(Repeat Chorus):

(Bridge 1):
Why would I,
Want to hold you down?
Why would I,
Want to cheat you out of what you found?
Why would I,
Want to keep you chained to only me?
I don't want you chained,
I want you free!

(Repeat verse 1):

(Bridge 2):
Just know that it's not easy,
When it's true,
That the far, far better thing,
That any man could ever do,
For the one he loves the most,
Is to make himself a ghost.
Not because I don't;
Because I do.

(Repeat Verse 2):

(Repeat Chorus):

Did you think I didn't care?
Did you think I didn't care?
Did you think I didn't care?


from TOP​-​20, released March 6, 2018
Dallas Doctor: Lead & Harmony Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Hammond Organ, Arp String Ensemble;
Jon Mark Lundell: Drums & Harmony Vocals.
Recorded at The Bates Motel (Atlanta) and The Cavern (Key West).
Mastered by Jon Mark Lundell at The Bates Motel (Atlanta).


all rights reserved



Dallas Doctor New York, New York

Dallas is not like the other guys.

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