Physics 101 (EP)

by Dallas Doctor




released September 9, 2009

Produced by Jon Mark Lundell;

Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Pianos, Organ, Backing Vocals - Dallas Doctor;

Drums, Bass, Backing Vocals - Jon Mark Lundell;

Guitars, Vocals - Jody Lundell


all rights reserved


Track Name: Keep Keepin' On
Keep Keepin’ On
Music & Lyrics by Dallas Doctor
©2006 Wild Moose Music (BMI)

“Hey! Hey!! Hey!!!

(Verse 1):
Take a man with emotions
Take a planet with oceans
Take a ride in a car
Or on a falling star
We’re all movin’ with the same kind of motions ..

Keep Keep On Keepin’ On
Whatever you’re doin’
Keep Keep On Keepin’ On
If you’re stayin’ – stay!
Keep Keep On Keepin’ On
The path you’re persuin’
Keep Keep On Keepin’ ..
.. All the way ..

(Verse 2):
Take a star that is spinning
Take a tarnished guitarist that’s grinning
Ride beneath a balloon
Or take a trip to the moon
We all move the way we have since the beginning .. (Chorus):

Every object in motion
Stays its course with pure devotion
Forever on
Unless a force abates it
Every object at rest
Will tend to do its best
To stay at rest,
Unless a force accelerates it .. (Chorus):
Track Name: Acceleration
Music & Lyrics by Dallas Doctor
©2006 Wild Moose Music (BMI)

(Verse 1):
Is sweepin’ the nation
It’s any manifestation
Of change in velocity
It means that any detection
Of change in speed or direction
Gives you the vector connection
Delta v over t.

We know a force is a push or a pull
And mass is the measure of matter
Well, Acceleration’s the perfect relation
Connecting the first and the latter
So if A=F/m
Then m=F/a
And F=ma, it works out that way
That’s exactly what all of the scientists say …
( 3rd time: “That’s exactly what Sir Isaac Newton would say … “)

(Verse 2):
Is the articulation
Of any disembarkation
When a mass meets a force
When speeding, turning, or slowing
Acceleration is showing
Cuz otherwise you’d keep going
In a straight line, forever, of course .. (Chorus):

It was Sir Isaac Newton who said it
Might as well give him credit
But credit yourself if you get it
And go to the head of the class
Acceleration’s directly proportional to force
And inversely proportional to mass ..

(Repeat 1st Verse): - (Chorus):
Track Name: Push-Push Back
Push-Push Back
Music & Lyrics by Dallas Doctor
©2006 Wild Moose Music (BMI)

||: Push – Push Back :|| X 6

(Verse 1):
Consider the birds up in the sky
Have you ever wondered how to fly?
Feathers push down on the air
The air pushes back - that’s how they get up there
I’ll tell you why ..

[Push] -- It’s action, [Push Back] – reaction
Not bad for a sequel
[Push] -- It’s action, [Push Back] – reaction
Both opposite and equal
Sir Isaac took a look around and he saw
Birds are gonna love Newton’s third Law
(2nd time: “Fish are gonna love Newton’s third Law”)
(3rd & 4th time: “People gonna love Newton’s third Law”)

(Verse 2):
Consider the fishes in the sea
They swim in dimensions one through three
What makes it so that a fish can swim?
He pushes on water – water pushes back on him
It’s Newton’s third decree .. (Chorus):

(Verse 3):
Consider a rocket out in space
Without any air to push on – no, not a trace
But rockets can push on fuel
The fuel pushes back, now ain’t that cool.. Cuz ..
Forces come in twos in each and every case (Chorus):
Track Name: Makin' Waves
Makin’ Waves
Music & Lyrics by Dallas Doctor
©2006 Wild Moose Music (BMI)

We’re Makin’ Waves – [ooo We’re Makin’ Waves]
We’re oscillating
We’re We’re Makin’ Waves – [ooo We’re Makin’ Waves]
We’re simply stating
We’re movin’ energy and information
From one to another location
We’re Makin’ Waves -
It’s all about vibration

(Verse 1):
If we put some energy into a spring
We get a pulse that moves along, and that’s the thing
They’re transverse, or longitudinal, or surface – like on the ocean
But every kind of wave is energy in motion (Chorus):

(Verse 2):
The amplitude is the distance that the medium gets displaced
It takes energy to displace it, and energy never gets erased
So waves are just disturbances in media, we conclude
That the energy in every wave is proportional to Amplitude (Chorus):

(Verse 3):
The frequency of a wave is how often is oscillates
The wavelength is the distance for one cycle and relates
The speed of the wave to the frequency but let me state right off the bat
That neither determine the speed of the wave, no, the medium does that (Chorus):

||: We’re Makin’ Waves – [ooo We’re Makin’ Waves] :|| repeat & fade