Push​-​Push Back (Newton's 3rd Law)

from Physics 101 (EP) by Dallas Doctor



"Not bad for a sequel." - Newton's 3rd Law.


Push-Push Back
Music & Lyrics by Dallas Doctor
©2006 Wild Moose Music (BMI)

||: Push – Push Back :|| X 6

(Verse 1):
Consider the birds up in the sky
Have you ever wondered how to fly?
Feathers push down on the air
The air pushes back - that’s how they get up there
I’ll tell you why ..

[Push] -- It’s action, [Push Back] – reaction
Not bad for a sequel
[Push] -- It’s action, [Push Back] – reaction
Both opposite and equal
Sir Isaac took a look around and he saw
Birds are gonna love Newton’s third Law
(2nd time: “Fish are gonna love Newton’s third Law”)
(3rd & 4th time: “People gonna love Newton’s third Law”)

(Verse 2):
Consider the fishes in the sea
They swim in dimensions one through three
What makes it so that a fish can swim?
He pushes on water – water pushes back on him
It’s Newton’s third decree .. (Chorus):

(Verse 3):
Consider a rocket out in space
Without any air to push on – no, not a trace
But rockets can push on fuel
The fuel pushes back, now ain’t that cool.. Cuz ..
Forces come in twos in each and every case (Chorus):


from Physics 101 (EP), released September 9, 2009
Produced by Jon Mark Lundell;

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitars, Organ, Synthesizer - Dallas Doctor;

Drums, Bass, Programming, Backing Vocals - Jon Mark Lundell.


all rights reserved



Dallas Doctor New York, New York

Dallas is not like the other guys.

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