My Ode to Newton's First Law


Keep Keepin’ On
Music & Lyrics by Dallas Doctor
©2006 Wild Moose Music (BMI)

“Hey! Hey!! Hey!!!

(Verse 1):
Take a man with emotions
Take a planet with oceans
Take a ride in a car
Or on a falling star
We’re all movin’ with the same kind of motions ..

Keep Keep On Keepin’ On
Whatever you’re doin’
Keep Keep On Keepin’ On
If you’re stayin’ – stay!
Keep Keep On Keepin’ On
The path you’re persuin’
Keep Keep On Keepin’ ..
.. All the way ..

(Verse 2):
Take a star that is spinning
Take a tarnished guitarist that’s grinning
Ride beneath a balloon
Or take a trip to the moon
We all move the way we have since the beginning .. (Chorus):

Every object in motion
Stays its course with pure devotion
Forever on
Unless a force abates it
Every object at rest
Will tend to do its best
To stay at rest,
Unless a force accelerates it .. (Chorus):


from BUNDLE: TOP​-​20 (album) + god's favorite band (novel), released March 3, 2018
Produced by Jon Mark Lundell;
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitars - Dallas Doctor;
Drums, Bass, Programming - Jon Mark Lundell;
Electric Guitars - Jody Lundell.


all rights reserved