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For Carma
Music & Lyrics by Dallas Doctor
©2010 Wild Moose Music (BMI)

I know
You're waiting for me
To return to the fold
The way you wish it could be
But Carma you know
I just can't pretend
And so, as you know, I let go
Of my imaginary friend

You gave me this heart
And these eyes, and this brain
You gave me my start
I'm only tryin' to explain
I promise I never intended
To cause you this pain

When I opened my heart
And my mind, and my eyes
And turned to the truth
From superstition and lies
I can tell there's a part
Deep inside of your heart .. that just dies ... and ...

(Repeat Chorus):

Chasin' these dreams
That I set out to find
I can go to extremes
That's the way I'm inclined
And sometimes, it seems
To you, I'm sure, that I'm out of my mind

I know that you worry
Over where I belong
But consider you may
Have that part of me wrong
What you perceive as my weakness
Is what makes me strong .. cuz ..

(Repeat Chorus):


from Guaranteed to Bleed, released May 22, 2017
Produced by Jon Mark Lundell;

Dallas Doctor: Lead Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitars;
Jon Mark Lundell: Drums, Bass & Harmony Vocals;
Jody Lundell: Lead Guitar.

Recorded at The Bates Motel (Atlanta).
Mastered by Jon Mark Lundell at The Bates Motel (Atlanta).


all rights reserved