Do You Believe In Magic?

from By The Numbers by Dallas Doctor



"You should'a learned by now that magic's illusion,
You are the problem - Not the solution,
Think it through,
Or shame on you!
Do You Believe In Magic?"


Do You Believe In Magic?
Music & Lyrics by Dallas Doctor
©2010 Wild Moose Music (BMI)

Joseph Smith put horses in America
Two-thousand years too soon, I wonder why
Claimed he translated ancient scrolls
But his story’s full of holes
Because when scholars found the scrolls it all turned out to be a lie
I wouldn’t make this up – I’m tryin to be polite
But he claimed “Indians” are Jews cursed by god to not be white
And fourteen-million Mormon folks
Still haven’t figured out the hoax
When you refuse to reason, there’s no reason to be right.

Do You Believe In Magic?
It breaks up families, blows up buildings, and it’s tragic!
You should’a learned by now that magic’s illusion
You are the problem – not the solution
Think it through
Or shame on you
Do You Believe In Magic?

L. Ron Hubbard said that Xenu was in charge of the stars
So he brought aliens by the billions to this planet of ours
He stacked ‘em in volcanoes
Set a bomb and let go
Now they’ll cure you of the Thetans for a-thousand-bucks-a-throw.

I’m not pickin’ on the Mormons, or the Muslims
Or the Catholics, Scientologists, or Jews
If you believe a magic spell
Or in miracles, or Hell
It doesn’t really matter which crazy name you choose …

If you think I shouldn’t care – just let you run around like fools
While you’re poisoning our politics and neighborhoods and schools
There’s a fundamental evil at the heart of your foundation
When you make somebody else responsible for your salvation
Do You Believe In Magic? (Do You Believe In Magic?)
Do You Believe In Magic? (Do You Believe In Magic?)
Do You Believe In Magic?


from By The Numbers, released January 11, 2012
Produced by Jon Mark Lundell;

Lead Vocal, Acoustic & Electric Guitars - Dallas Doctor;

Drums, Bass, Percussion, Backing Vocals - Jon Mark Lundell;

Harmony Vocals - Kimberly Meador Place


all rights reserved



Dallas Doctor New York, New York

Dallas is not like the other guys.

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